January '24 recap

After a busy autumn tidying up Bax's Spring Fire (see owenorchestration.com/editions) it was back to ‘normal’ life!

14th: January began with my third SoundWorld concert.

16th+17th: I've started playing in a new group. This was a workshop of Erhu, Guzheng, and Cello for an MA Composer's workshop, but it was also working towards our first public concert in April.

20th: the first rehearsal back for Bristol University Symphony Orchestra - working on Shostakovich Symphony No.5 (my third time playing it) and Martinu Symphony No.3 (my first time playing it!)

26th: leading the University Composition Network - this week we shared compositions we'd been working on over the holidays. I had two underway: a short piece for Wind Orchestra and a medium piece for Chamber Choir. Both to be premiered later in the year.